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Reasons why so many new businesses are being started as mobile rather then traditional "sticks and bricks".

1) COST: It's amazing how much it costs to open a stationary business. Business zoned property costs are through the roof and remember with a stationary business it's location! location! location! You will pay greatly for that right location. Whatever stationary business a person looks to start, the building, property and inventory costs will vary, regardless it generally demands that you have a high "net worth" to be able to finance these extreme costs, it's nearly impossible for the "average joe". You have to figure on many years of work before the profit will outweigh the debt.

Mobile businesses have a fairly low start up cost and any ongoing overhead is simply to store your equipment and product. In many cases mobile businesses can be operated from home so your overhead is nil, nada zip. Your profit can usually cover the expenses and actually pay you in a relativity short amount of time.

2) The market: Today’s consumers want "bring it to me" services whenever possible. The days of "do it myself" are nearing the end. We have no time to make extra trips and wait in line for service. We want and demand convenience in our lives. That applies not only to the general public but also for other business owners. Fleet owners/managers need their services provided to them at their convenience and location, they do not want to pay their employees to sit in line when they could (and should) be serving their customers!

3) Operating hours: Fixed locations have "regular operating hours, usually 12-14 hours a day M-F, maybe shorter hours on weekends and yes that means Sundays also - many fixed businesses feel that they have to be open on Sunday. During those open hours you HAVE to have a minimum number of employees on the premises. Even if business is slow, they still have to be there. On top of that much of the public and fleet vehicles can't get in during those "fixed" hours to get service.

With mobile businesses you have more flexibility in scheduling your appointments. If you need a day off for something important you can schedule around that day and it's no problem, there's no closed sign on your door - no one will even know. And for the customers who need service at "non standard operating hours" - you can do that. You can schedule fleets EARLY morning or evening hours - it's your call. Many of us don't want to work on Sundays, we have church, family and REST and you have more freedom to make that decision to be closed Sundays. You only need one - maybe two persons to drive your service vehicle and provide service so you don't have extra employees standing around during slow periods. Your van, truck, whatever is only out when you have appointments scheduled.

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