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First off thank you very much for sending it out so quickly and thank you for following up. You and your husband are truly wonderful people. At first I was somewhat apprehensive about what I would receive. Once I read the information I was blown away. You two truly want to help people as much as possible...which is very surprising in this day and age. Once again thank you so much. God Bless.  Beck 

Hi Melinda, Well it’s official. We are open for business. Our  system was delivered about 3 weeks ago. I serviced a semi the first weekend and we landed a fleet account with 30 trucks and as many pieces of equipment with small engines. We serviced 17 of the trucks last weekend and are planning to go back this weekend to finish up. Anyhow here we are, ready to take on the Mile High City! I wanted to thank you so much for all the information and help you provided along with the coupon that saved me money on my system. You and Eric have helped me get to this point! Thanks again, Steven 

I would like to thank you for the information that I received from you. I had started on my own and wondered if there is any information on the internet about this business. That is when I came across your site, I just want to thank you for taking the time out and helping others with the vast amount of information that is in your manual and plan. Using that information I profited 450.00 my first week & set up 2 fleet accounts, the total of vehicles is 19, I felt that was a good week. Thank you again, Scott S

 Melinda & Eric, Thanks so much for the practical advice - I had been trying to figure out about a year ago whether or not I should start this business and just kind of gave up since I had no idea where to start. Your information is the missing link - it will help me to make an informed decision. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jason

Hi Eric & Melinda, I ordered your manual and business plan about 6 months ago and have emailed to ask endless questions that you always answered. My business opened 4 months ago and thanks to your manual and dedication to answering questions (that should have drove you nuts as much as I bothered you) business is going GREAT! I have been meaning to write to tell you how very much I appreciate all your help and kindness but I have been VERY busy (which is great) but I owe it to you to take this time now to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I took all of your advice and tips and applied them and my efforts have been well rewarded! I am not only meeting business expenses but paying my personal bills as well, what a great feeling - to own and run my own business and pay my bills in such a short amount of time. Thank you so much, Andy G.... P.S. Thanks for the coupon also, that saved me a couple hundred dollars.

Mel & Eric, Just wanted to send you a quick note to say I was pleased with the manual and business plan. My wife and I had sat down and discussed what direction to take the business and you b-plan fits perfect with how we want our business to be perceived by our clients.  Thank you, John W



Melinda, Thank you so much for taking time to write this manual and business plan. Using the info will no doubt help me to get on the "fast track" to success. We will be getting the system in 2 weeks. (i used one of the coupons in your manual) Great turn around time. I am very pleased thus far. Can’t wait to get started. I am very excited about the new system. We will be receiving it the first week of August. Can’t wait!!! I can't think of the words to thank you enough, Paul
This is the best money that I have spent in a long time! I've bought other how to books and was always disapointed. You have re-newed my faith in knowing there still are some honest people out there! The plan and manual will be the key to my success in this business. Thanks again, Joe

Melinda & Eric, GREAT INFORMATION! I wish I had bought this sooner, I started my biz almost a year ago on my own and have been failing misreably. I saw your site for the manual a few months ago but thought it wouldn't help because I had already started. My wife asked me why don't I go ahead and buy your manual and see if it could still help and boy am I glad she did. I was making tons of mistakes and after only 2 weeks since reading your book I have already picked up more accounts and have cut my expenses. Thank you so much! (and thanks to my wife) Harold

Hi Melinda, I just wanted to let you know that your manual made me see opportunities that I have never thought of before.  It breaks down every aspect of owning and operating this type of business.  This manual goes into such a great amount of detail it is just unbelievable.  I believe this manual will teach someone how to be as efficient and profitable as they can be. Thanks for everything.  Jeremy   

  Melinda& Eric, The manual is excellent and very complete. It will help me determine if this is the right business for me, which is the most important decision when starting a new business. Thank you for taking the time to write this manual. It will help me and others decide if this is the right business. Please feel free to use my statement as a testimony. Best regards, R Crippa

We just printed off the information that you sent. As we were just printing it out & putting it in a binder we glanced over a few things and WOW! Lots of great information! This will be worth the $ for sure! We bought both books and we would recommend both of them for those who are serious. Thanks you for taking the time and putting this valuable information down. J & H 

Eric and Melinda, WOW! Great nuts and bolts approach. No nonsense here!! The information I received was more than I expected. This business is definitely worth considering. I will keep you posted. I also appreciated your sending the manual so quickly. Thank you so much! Greg 

Thank you for the quick response and shipment of the information. I have already learned from your experiences. I am also impressed and grateful for your spiritual comments. They can be the most inspirational.As you well know. thanks again for all that you do and offer!!!!!! Russ


I can't thank you enough.  I have browsed over it this morning.  I will sit down this evening and really dig in but from what I read already this is really going to help us tremendously.  I can't believe the detailed information you provide at such a low cost.  You could easily charge a great deal more! My husband and I are just so thankful that we found your website! Thanks again!  Cindy & Lonnie 

I just wanted to let you know, as requested, that I received my copy of "How To Start A Mobile Lube Business" manual yesterday afternoon. Plenty of good information and lots of tips in there.... well worth the price (my first business expense write-off, right)? A Bishop  Virginia Beach

Dear Eric & Melinda, I'm writing this letter as a thank you for all the help you provided during the start up of our new business. Business is going very well thanks to you. Much of the ongoing information you supplied, you did so, at no charge and for this we truly thank you. We simply could not have had a better start. I wish you, your family, and your business all the success in the world. If we can ever return the generosity please don't hesitate to give us a call. God Bless. Sincerely, D.Franz

Dear Melinda, I just wanted to let you know that the manual downloaded and printed out just fine. I am already engrossed in the reading. Thank you for the wealth of information. I can't imagine anyone trying to start in this type of business without it. Thanks again for the manual and your willingness to help those of us just starting out! God Bless! P Franklin - Pennsylvania

Hi Eric and Melinda:  First of all I would like to thank you for the opportunity to purchase your manual. My husband and I both thought it was extremely informative and helpful. You answered many questions we had about the business and helped us form new questions to further our research. We thought many of your advertsing ideas were genius, such as offering the service as a benefit to a company's employees. Connie&Justin

Dear Melinda, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the small price I spent on your book just saved me bunches.  We were looking into this business because we already had 2 other mobile business in place.  We looked the web over and found you.  We are people just like you but in a different industry.  You saved me a bunch of time and money with your break even formula.Thanks a Bunch! Lynn E.

THANKS! This really, really helps. I currently work in a shop and am somewhat thinking of doing this. On paper I could not figure how to do much more than break even. After seeing this, it all makes much more sense. I did some checking, and in this area (Chicago suburbs) it seems that if I match the standard quick lube price, there is still a healthy profit to be made! Once again, thanks for the help! Jim


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