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Starting a Mobile Oil Change Business

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Find out what it REALLY takes to start & run your own successful Mobile Oil Change Business!


Our"How to start a Mobile Oil Change Business" manual covers all the below plus we include the many tips we learned along the way.  

Start-up and break-even worksheets; by using the information we provide and worksheets included, you can do the math, find out if mobile lube IS a good business decision BEFORE you invest a lot of time and money on mobile lube equipment

Complete details; of how to build your customer base. We explain how and where to search for potential customers, what to look for that tells you that they are a good potential customer to visit or mail your brochure to *(this is a biggie - with a mobile oil change you don't have a "visible" shop people see and flock to - YOU have to go after your customers) 

Setting up your office; what supplies you will need and why you need them. We also tell you where and how to get your business name, license and EIN number. 

Insurance; What types and how much coverage you will need for your vehicle and equipment and to satisfy your customers that you have them covered as well. Mobile lube is different than a "quick lube building" and your agent may have problems determining what amounts you need so we provide you with a chart covering suggested coverage requirements to fit this type of business 

Recommended vendors list; save money by not wasting it on over-priced product (oil filters, air filters etc.) workwear that doesn't "work right" (trust us - "a glove is not a glove" we wasted a lot of money before finding these vendors)

How to price diesel engines; diesels are very different and you cannot simply go with one price accross the board. You need a formula to determine pricing (we'll give you ours)

Wiper blades & air filters; tips to help you know when they need to be replaced

Website info; how & where to set up a low cost, easy to build website for your business, where to get a low cost domain name

**Lube system coupons**; some of the mobile oil change equipment system builders who like the way our manual takes you step-by-step through this unique business have provided us with coupons that will save you money on your mobile oil change unit!!

Answer's page; you will also receive a website link and password to your answer's page, filled with even more details and resources. We include detailed questions & answers along with numerous links to provide you the very best information as possible.  

Our ongoing support; you need someone who “has your back” and will answer your questions and offer advice when asked.  We encourage you to email us with any questions or concerns, we will continue to assist you as long as you need us!! 

 You also receive copies of our:

Brochure: feel free to use the information on it to design your brochure

Onsite bid sheet: use to give your proposal to fleet managers when asked for

Customer log sheet: lets you easily track your customers vehicle needs and specs

Employee sign-up sheet & key envelope: all the information you need on convenient sign-up sheey & envelope label to make those jobs go smoothly

Our invoice: copy and edit or use as a guideline to help you design your own (it took us several attempts to get this "just right" to cover everything)

Fleet Manager sales "script": tells you what to say and what to bring with you when you market to them in person

Fleet manager sales letter: an introductory letter to send explaining your business and its benefits to them

HR Manager sales "script": tells you what to say, what to bring with you when you market to company employee sign up accounts in person  

HR Manager sales letter: an introductory letter to send explaining your business and how you can provide this employee benefit at no cost to their company

Equipment inventory list:  will help you to keep track of your equipment in case of loss due to theft, fire or any other disaster

Monthly mileage log sheet: use this to track your business mileage for tax deductions

Press release template; use this to announce your business to the public

Tool list;  so you'll know what "tools of the trade" you'll need to get the job done

"How to start a Mobile Oil Change Business" manual is sent to you by email in your choice of Microsoft word or works format. Orders are guaranteed to be sent within 24 hours of being placed, usually within a couple hours, and quite often within minutes  


With your order you will receive a complete mobile lube business plan (read about it on the next page) --->

The price for all this? Only 29.00 

We give you the complete "nuts and bolts" of mobile oil change AND we keep this price low because this info is vital for the mobile lube newbie.  This "blueprint" for success will get you on the fast track to starting & running your own Mobile Oil Change Business.

The Fastest way to receive your order is by clicking the "buy now" button down below. You will be taken to our secured site to order using your credit or debit card. If you prefer we also have a page with info to place your order by mail.


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