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Who are today’s Mobile Oil Change customers?    

Fleet owners/managers are seeking Mobile Oil Change Service

Their vehicles are the heartbeat of their business, and they need to know that they are being maintained on a regular basis. They know that it is a true benefit to have their service brought to them onsite. Usually their operating hours are close to the same as the "quick lubes" out there making it hard to have their vehicles serviced on a timely basis. They know that it costs them more to:

* Schedule downtime for their vehicles to go to be serviced

* Pay their employees while they sit and wait for service

* Have that loss of productivity

That down time should be spent serving their customers! That time results in a loss, costing them much more than simply the price of an oil change. As a mobile lube owner, you don't have "fixed" operating hours, you can service their vehicles at a time that fits their schedule! We'll explain how to market your business to them and provide sample sales materials.

Human resource managers are also actively seeking Mobile oil change services as a benefit to provide for their employees. They realize and understand that:

*Employees work long hours

*Their free time is important to them

*Employees appreciate working for a company that "goes the extra mile"  for them

In an effort to show appreciation, more and more businesses are searching for unique benefits that can be provided onsite for their employees! We will show you a simple method that can be put in place that allows you to service their employees vehicles with no workplace disruption!

Then you have the general public who simply either:

* Doesn't have the time or a location to do it

* Isn't physically able to do their own

* Just flat out do not want to do it themselves

Think about it, people living in places where they are not allowed to work on their vehicles in the parking lot. A society of baby boomers who are so busy working and caring for their families that they don't have time. An increase in the "older generation" who have physical limitations that prevent them from being able to service their own vehicles. So many people, so many reasons!

All said, there are BILLIONS of vehicles on the road at any given time and they all have a common need - they NEED oil changes! Given the convenience of onsite service, the demand for Mobile onsite service will only continue to grow!

We want to provide you the marketing tools to reach these customers! Sales letters, brochure, employee sign up sheets..

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