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Here are some common questions we have received


Q) I think that mobile oil change is a good idea but how can I know if it's really going to be right for me? Is there a way I can know first if I can make enough money?

A) Good question! We wrote this manual to give you a clear idea of what this business involves. We explain your customer markets, tell you how to approach them, give you examples, basically try to "give you a feel" for the biz.

We tell you what you need to start and guide you so that you can then get prices so you'll know what your expenses are. You will be able to figure your "start up costs" and "break-even" points by using the worksheets in the manual. This will help you to decide if this is a good business for you and you have only spent the price of the manual

Q) How many vehicles can be done in a day?

A) For an "average" day for 1 person you can figure on 10-12 vehicles. At first it will take you a little time to develop your "flow" so each one will take a little longer. As you have some experience under your belt your speed will pick up. Repeat vehicles go faster because you will already have the specs written down, filter number, weight and amount of oil, tire pressure...

If you get some good fleet & employee sign up accounts where you stay at one location you can get around that 20 mark. Our highest record day was 32 but that involved starting at an employee sign up location followed by an evening fleet account.

Q) Ok, I want to know about money, how much can I make?

A) Everone is different, depends on your costs and the price you charge but here is an example: If you charge 25.00 and service 10 vehicles a day your earnings would be:

25.00 X 10 = 250.00 a day (if you work 5 days a week) your total is 1,250.00

The rule of thumb is that you have 30% add on services - tire rotations, air filters, wiperblades, windshield treatments...

So using the "typical" amount above we'll add in the 30% add ons to the totals

250.00 X 30% = 75.00 a day making your daily total 325.00 X 5 days a week = 1,625.00 weekly total

If you work 6 days a week that goes up to 1,500.00 before add ons and 1,950.00 including add ons.

Q) Are many people doing this business? I don't want to start and then find out that all the business is taken.

A) While more people have started doing this in recent years there is still plenty of room in the market for more to get started. A little competion is a good thing, it helps people become aware that this type of service exists. 

Q) When you mention a "oil change system" and you talking about sucking oil out instead of draining from the plug?

A) A mobile oil change system is the "complete package" of equipment used for service. They consist of much more than just an oil evacuator, it's the full set up. Fresh oil tanks, waste oil tank, (some with antifreeze and windshield wash fluid tanks) hose reels, stub or diaphragm pumps, oil dispensing guns, air reel and hose (for tire pressure) and the air compressor to run it all.

Q) If you were able to do it why should I buy your manual instead of learning it myself?

A) We had to struggle to make it. We wasted a lot of money and time before we started figuring it out. We came close to quitting many times but felt trapped because we had all our money tied up in the business and were getting deeper and deeper in debt. But yes, we did finally figure out the formula and were glad that we stuck it out. We also felt very determined to help people get started the right way so they wouldn't have to suffer as we did. It's hard if you don't start off on the right path at first!!

Q) How many of your 39 pages are real information to help me and how many are sales ads? I once bought some information from a system seller but it was mostly pictures and prices of their equipment and not very helpfull at all. I don't want to waste my money again!

A) All of the manual is information and tools to help you not only to start and run this business but also to help you get a clear idea of what this business is like. That way you can make an informed decision about if you want to follow through and actually start the business. We don't have any sales material because we have nothing to sell you. There are no pictures and certainly no pressure from us. The only thing we sell is the manual and business plan period.

At the end there are coupons from some of the top system builders in the manual. That is because we have asked mobile system builders if they would like to put a coupon in our manual so that we can offer them to you. It's good for both you and them!

Q) Why don't you list your phone number? Can I order by phone?

A) We used to take phone orders but it became a nightmare of people calling at all hours day and night. Followed by a never ending game of phone tag getting and returning messages. For that reason we were forced to make the decision to no longer accept phone orders. We give you the options of ordering online at our secure site, mailing your payment postally or you may email your info if you prefer. We do answer any and all questions via email but be sure to put "mobile oil change" in the subject or our spam filter may not allow your email through. We want to, and will help you all we can but we do ask that you respect our privacy.

Q) If I buy the manual will you REALLY keep answering my questions or is there a limit?

A) Yes, as much as we have tried to cover everything in the manual, we know you may still have some questions. We are here to help, and as long as you have questions we will continue to answer them to the best of our ability! Some people only have a few or no questions, others have dozens of ideas they want to bounce off of us, and we continue to answer for as long as they need us.

Q) I want to order but really don't like to do it online and postal is too slow, can I email you with my credit card information instead?

A) We have received some orders by email, we don't have a problem with it as long as you feel secure. Make sure that you give your name as it appears on your card, card number and exp date. We'll also need your address and your choice of microsoft word, works or online reading. Be sure to put "mobile oil change" in the subject. 

Q) Are you using the manual so that you can then try to get me to buy equipment or supplies?

A) No, not at all, we don't sell any of the equipment but if asked we will email you the names and website links to of some companies that do build systems. The decision is entirely up to you as to what system you purchase. You will not receive any advertisements, brochures or sales pressure from us!! We do have coupons from system builders in the manual if you choose to use them but that is it.  We also do not sell supplies, what we have done is put a list of recommended vendors that we have found to sell excellent products at great prices in the manual to help you save time and money!

Q) I already started my mobile lube but it's not going so well, I'm having a lot of  trouble getting customers, my inventory costs are high and I just don't know what to do to get customers. Will your manual still help me?

A) Yes it should, we go into great detail about who your customer is and how to advertise to them without spending alot of money. We recommend excellent vendors to get good quality filters at great prices.  We have received many orders from existing mobile lubers who need help.

Q) Does the business plan have graphs and all the numbers in it already? I've seen some that offer to give you their actual profit and loss statments.

A) No, it has everything you need except that. The numbers and graphs aren't going to be the same for everyone, you need to do that yourself. The good news is the "How To" manual tells you everything you need to have and has both a "start-up costs" and "break-even" worksheets so you'll be able to get those numbers fairly easy.

Q) I've seen (and bought) other how to books that cost much more than yours - why do you sell yours for such a low price? Is the info REALLY as detailed as you say?

A) Yes, we explain everything in detail about how to start and run this business. We give you worksheets to figure your start up costs and break even point so you can make your decision based on YOUR totals. We have been told many times that we could charge much more. Honestly after the rough time we had, our goal was just to help others. While we were learning and makeing mistake after mistake - it was miserable. We just want to help others start off right and avoid the misery we went through. This can be and is a great business but only after you have learned to do it right.

Q) After I order how long will it take for the manual and plan to get to me?

A) Email orders are processed through-out the day so you may receive it within minutes or up to a couple of hours, all are sent within 24 hours max. Postal orders are shipped within one business day using priority mail and should arrive within 2-3 business days.

Q) What if I order the email book and don't receive it within 24 hours?

A) The only way that you won't get it would be: your email address is incorrect, you have a spam blocker that is keeping you from receiving it,or your email blocks unknown attachments. If you don't receive your order within 24 hours PLEASE email us and we will sent it via reply that will take care of any of the problems above.

Q) How will I know that my order has been confirmed?

A) You will receive an email confirmation of order right away, your manual will soon follow. If you don't receive that confirmation then you know right off that there is either an error with the email address, or your spam blocker - don't wait - send us an email right away!

Q) Will you put me on a mailing list or sell my email address?

A) NO!! We respect your privacy so your information stops with us and is used only to complete your transaction. We have never and never will sell anyones information.

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