Mobile Lube car care tips, did you know that...
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Mobile Lube car care tips, did you know that...

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Mobile lube car care tips - you can help your customer's increase their gas mileage! 

Did you know that?...

Auto technicians say the key to keeping vehicles running well today and down the road-is basic routine maintenance.

A recent survey by the Car Care Council found:

  • 54 percent had low tire pressure
  • 38 percent had low or dirty engine oil
  • 28 percent had inadequate cooling protection
  • 19 percent needed new belts
  • 16 percent had dirty air filters


Fluid neglect is the #1 cause of vehicle engine break down?

Wiper blades should be replaced every 6 months. Exposure to the weather and sun causes the rubber to become dry and brittle.

When tires aren't inflated properly it's like driving with the parking brake on and can cost a mile or two per gallon. Under-inflated tires are not only a saftey hazzard but also waste fuel by forcing the engine to work harder!

Tire rotations should be done every 6 months. Rotating your tires periodically is an essential part of tire maintenance. The main purpose of regularly rotating tires is to achieve more uniform wear for all tires on the vehicle.

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